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 +====== Horizons 2.0 ======
 +Elite Dangerous: Horizons es una nueva temporada de expansiones principales de juego para Elite Dangerous, comenzando con aterrizajes planetarios en la galaxia. EDH se lanzó el 15 de diciembre de 2015. La primera expansion, Aterrizajes Planetarios,​ introduce a los jugadores con las superficies de planetas y el primer y nuevo vehiculo de reconocimiento de superficie (SRV) el "​escarabajo"​. Escanear planetas y lunas sin aire trae consigo nuevas modalidades de juego donde los jugadores detectan señales, naves derribadas, depositos de minerales, bases y fortalezas. Ya sea solo o con amigos podreis explorar, minar y enfrentaros a fuerzas hostiles cuando intenteis infiltraros en fortalezas que protegen recompensas valiosas. Podreis explorar nuevos mundos, sobrevolando montañas, haciendo picados en cañones, aterrizando en la superficie y rodando sobre ella con vuestros SRV, todo ello sin pantallas de carga o pausas en el juego.
 +EDH continuara introduciendo nuevo contenido a medida que la temporada avanza en el 2016, enriqueciendo la experiencia de ED con nuevas actividades y nuevas maneras de jugar. EDH incluye todo el contenido de ED hasta la fecha, y los jugadores podran continuar volando juntos en la galaxia. Los jugadores existentes recibiran un descuento de £10 salvaguardando su progreso y recibiendo la nueva y exclusiva Cobra Mk IV.
 +Se incluyen los siguientes cambios:
 +- Naves pueden aterrizar en superficies planetarias!
 +•Agregado modo de Vuelo Orbital
 +•Agregado modo de Vuelo Sub-orbital
 +•Agregado modelo de aproximación planetaria
 +•Agregado modulo de Aterrizaje Planetario
 +•Agregado radar de escaneo de aterrizaje
 +•Ajuste en las naves para que puedan transportar VRS´s con suficiente espacio cuando aterriza
 +•Agregada la posibilidad de desechar y retirar tu nave
 +•Modelo FA Off para vuelo planetario
 +•Agregado conjunto para todas las cargas iniciales en las Aproximaciones Planetarias
 +•Agregado conjunto de Aproximación Planetaria para todas las naves
 +•Agregado indicador de fuerzas gravitacionales
 +•Agregado cambio de rol en el GUI panel
 +•Posibilidad de desplegar VRS cuando se aterriza
 +•Posibilidad de desplegar VRS en puertos planetarios
 +- Operaciones VRS (Vehículo de Reconocimiento de Superficie) en superficie
 +•Agregada conducción de VRS en superficie
 +•Agregado postquemador vertical VRS
 +•Agregada torreta VRS
 +•Agregadas interacciones VRS en superficie
 +•Agregado escáner de ondulaciones
 +•Agregado Scarab VRS piloteable
 +•Agregado escáner de Terreno
 +•Opciones de controles específicos para VRS agregados
 +•Agregadas animaciones del piloto en VRS
 +- Renderización Planetaria
 +•Actualización de renderización planetaria en distancia media
 +•Agregada renderización de superficie para mundos sin atmosfera
 +•Agregados ajustes de calidad para el renderizado de superficie
 +•Mejora en la iluminación planetaria
 +•Detalles de objetos en la superficie agregados
 +- Deslizadores de superficie NPC agregados:
 +•Stinger 2
 +- Added surface ports
 +•Players can dock at planetary ports
 +•NPC ships use planetary ports
 +•Added planetary ports as mission targets/​givers
 +•Added planet surface market specific commodities
 +- Added surface settlements
 +•Art assets added
 +•Opposition strength variants added
 +•Added air defense turrets
 +•Added ground attack turrets
 +•Surface base components added
 +•Surface base interaction points added
 +•Settlement data link rewards added
 +•Trespass zones added
 +- Added surface points of interest
 +•Scanner indication added
 +•Wave scanner signals added
 +•Materials POIs added
 +•Encounter POIs added
 +•Natural POIs added
 +•Structure POIs added
 +- Materials & Synthesis
 +•Added generation of materials
 +•Added synthesis
 +•AFM module resupply
 +•FSD Boost
 +•Ship projectile resupply
 +•SRV hull repair
 +•SRV refuel
 +•SRV ammo refill
 +•Synthesis quality bonuses
 +- Missions
 +•Add planetary Missions
 +•Make some missions only spawn at planetary ports
 +•Add rare planetary missions
 +•Add off-base planetary missions
 +- GUI
 +•Nav panel indicate planets that can be landed on
 +•Hook planet map into the '​hyperlinking'​ we support with galaxy/​system map
 +•Provide direct access to the planet map from the cockpit
 +•Added planetary schematic map
 +•System map: Adding planetary resource level in info panel
 +•Indicate if a nav target is on the other side of the planet
 +•Render trespass zone boundaries over the terrain schematics
 +•Show settlement and ports locations on planetary map
 +- General
 +•NEW: 64 bit client!
 +•Added Horizons specific starter package
 +•Planetary permits added
 +•Added Black Friday paint jobs
 +•Added Vive support
 +•Did we mention that we have the 64 bit client now available?!
 +•CQC: Prevent "​Waiting for Players"​ with a full lobby
 +•Don'​t try and update the navigation panel when in CQC
 +- Fixed some ASP dirtmap issues
 +- Fixed a geometry issue on the Anaconda
 +- Changed the position of camera decal 1 & 3 on the Diamondback
 +- Fixed Sidewinder landing gear collision issue
 +- New shadow profile to improve the quality of shadows in asteroid field locations, the main difference being a reduced amount of adaptability to prevent excessive shadow blurring when distant asteroids are in view.
 +- Fixed repetitive audio glitch after CQC Team Deathmatch
 +- Closed hole in mesh for the Federal Assault Ship
 +- If a button is currently using a default binding then show that in the binding’s option screen rather than just appearing blank.
 +- Added a new size 1 slot to the Sidewinder and Eagle and edited the horizons load out for the sidewinder so that it has two cargo in that slot
 +- The cockpit canopy can now be repaired by the AFM
 +- Fixed Russian Stats page texts shows as missing characters throughout
 +- Fix offset mouse pointer on Station menu, shipyard and insurance screen
 +- Imperial cutters Mouse Widget is inclined towards one corner fixed
 +- If a head tracking library fails to load, even though we have a path to it, then make sure it goes into the error state rather than attempting to load the dll every frame
 +- Fix for distant asteroid billboards partially showing through the asteroid models
 +- Orca's bobblehead placement adjustments (wobbly bobbles).
 +- System Map VR: - Added the concept of a Base Scale that scales all GUI, planet miniatures and dolly ranges to make everything pleasantly bigger and further away (as we deal with locked FOVs in VR opposed to orthographic)
 +- System Map: Add a different global scale to the label manager for VR to make the text larger
 +- Ensures that the player'​s pilot gender is represented correctly in the cockpit
 +- Made the schematics bigger for the construction phases of the Occellus Stations
 +- Fixed NPCs not becoming Wanted (if appropriate) or turning red when attacking player in a large ship
 +- Wakes created by ships that the local player knows the names of now display the name of that ship. This should help the mission NPCs that ask you to follow their wake
 +- Fixed the animation issue with the doors of the vulture
 +- Fix for 10cr repair bug
 +- Shields regenerate at a much faster rate while docked
 +- Fixed Cutter'​s decal cameras
 +- Ship dashboard GUI still present when viewing Bobbleheads in Outfitting
 +- Track CQC gametype when entering matchmaking to prevent entering lobbys of another gametype
 +- Fixed clipping bobbleheads in the Eagle
 +- Nav markers now have an '​obscured'​ visual state when the location is behind a planet/star
 +- Add a Terrain Material Quality setting to the graphics options menu
 +- Fixed animation clipping on the nacelle hard point doors
 +- Fixed sometimes incorrectly showing the generic "​failed to join" message rather than the "​session is full" message when trying to join a full CQC game
 +- Made it so that the cockpit module isn't visible in the module panel while playing CQC
 +- Added specialized VR mesh for the outfitting screen
 +- Make player ship invulnerable when player'​s in a buggy (Temporary for Beta 1)
 +- Missiles are now more effective against shields
 +- Updated translations
 +- Fed fighter drive lighting fixed
 +- Added three stage slider background to FSD boost slider in the galaxy map
 +- Make sure that heat sinks are affected by gravity when launched
 +- Increased the hopper ammo amount for the fragmentation cannons from 30 to 90
 +- Prevent excessive spamming of telemetry from edServer to webServer after a player has followed a jump wake
 +- Starter package Sidewinders (and bought) now come with low powered gimballed pulse lasers
 +- Add missing mission assassin chatter
 +- Imperial Cutter'​s Mouse Widget is inclined towards one corner
 +- Resized the Standard bullet impact FX game wide to fix the standard bullet impact from being too large when hitting shields
 +- You can raise your landing gear while landed via the function panel fixed
 +- Turn off proximity warnings in super cruise, they feel odd near planets, and aren't that helpful anyway
 +- Refuel all vehicles in the target ship's launch bay when docking at a market
 +- For the Beta 2 public test, Beagle 2 Landing in Asellus Primus star system also has all modules and ships available in stock
 +- Fix occasional transaction server errors for users with very large numbers of friends
 +- Slightly retuned background sim to give greater daily influence changes for a given amount of player activity
 +- Various sever performance and reliability improvements
 +- Add missing hitmen types
 +- Try to improve the feedback for contact mission types
 +- Decrease mission respawn time and number of missions at boards
 +- Increase timed assassination targets spawn rate
 +- Generally fix target spawning errors
 +- Added new mission icons
 +- Add fines to early abandonment where applicable
 +- Some reputation/​influence/​state value fixes
 +Xbox One Changes
 +- Fix some issues when adding preflight checks to the Xbox controls
 +- If ship is destroyed while controller is disconnected,​ handle when the controller is disconnected in CQC as well as normal play
 +- Make sure the session is full error is displayed if that is the reason for not joining a session
 +- Don't show disconnection messages if we're in the controller disconnect flow
 +- Enabled the FOV graphics setting on Xbox to help people compensate against TVs cropping the screen edges off
 +- Improve network problems diagnostics messaging
 +- Don't give up on waiting for a voice comms name if the other player is in the unnamedVoiceCommsUsers list and so the name retrieval is still underway
 +Server Side Changes
 +- Fix occasional transaction server errors for users with very large numbers of friends
 +- Slightly retuned background sim to give greater daily influence changes for a given amount of player activity
 +- Many performance and reliability improvements
 +Hilo original: https://​forums.frontier.co.uk/​showthread.php?​t=204119
 +Change Log #2
 +You can read the main changes in this build below...
 +•Fix issue with some players not being able to connect to the gamer server from the main menu
 +•Fix some mismatched terra-formed meta data on server caused stability problems
 +•Stop edserver crashes when player is in an SRV and has a mission to kill ships
 +•Fix crash when scanning a data link with turret and boarding ship
 +•Fix values for inertial camera spring on VR HMDs
 +•Fix occasional crash related to SRV wheel collisions
 +•CQC - Reticle gains a strange overlay / Extra GUI arrows appear each time your ship is destroyed fixed
 +•Xbox One: Overlapping numbers on Gamertags fixed
 +•Make sure the supercruise stations are set up correctly for networking
 +•Tweaks to comms and info panel in Cutter cockpit
 +•Hitting a planet at high speed (above several C in supercruise) no longer does weird things
 +•Ensure that the planetary approach suite is automatically applied when resurrecting a ship
 +•Fix for settlement decorations replicating when they should be local only
 +•Re-export mission templates for latest settlement layouts
 +•Xbox One: Crash fix in Eranin combat zone
 +•Xbox One: Allow entry into orbital cruise (already applies to non-Horizons clients)
 +•Xbox One: Abort system map on network error
 +•Xbox One: Better handling of webserver errors
 +Hilo original: https://​forums.frontier.co.uk/​showthread.php?​t=205123
 +Change Log #3
 +Audio Changelog for beta 3
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to non-self SRVs, and non-self SRV surface dust
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements on non-self ship launch-land sequence
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to Turret HUD
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to Material collection
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to skimmers
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to external sounds heard from SRV landing pad garages
 +- Audio Mix - External sounds no longer audible in planetary outfitting bays
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to planet structures
 +- Audio Mix - Boosted Orbital HUD warning blips
 +- Audio Mix - Improvements to Buggy Shield
 +- Audio Bug - Fixed messy sounding Anaconda, Adder, Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Federal Assault SHip, Vulture, Cutter, Clipper, CobraMKIV on exiting from Glide
 +- Audio Bug - Fixed planetary launch “clunk” happening too late
 +- Audio Bug - Fix for hard music cut on leaving system map
 +- Audio Bug - Fixed hard-panned GUI sound in system map
 +- Audio Bug - Fix for buggy shield sounds being audible from huge distance
 +- Audio Bug - Fixed silent metal rich planet ambience
 +- Audio Bug - Ship engines now go silent when freefalling with FA off
 +- Audio Bug - Fixed silent canopy grit/​scratch,​ when driving through dust kick-up
 +- Audio Bug - Ship voice no longer says "​Landing Gear Deployed"​ when deploying buggy
 +- Audio Bug - Arrival from supercruise music delayed until a glide is complete near planets
 +- Audio Bug - Skimmer hatches now sound different depending on their size
 +- Audio Optimisation - Optimisations to skimmers
 +Game Changelog for Beta 3
 +- Fix crashes in power distributor
 +- Fixed server crash with island clean up
 +- Fix crash in station menu if a cockpit isn't present
 +- Kinematic input crash fix
 +- When the connection to the webserver is broken, prevent the game from softlocking at the end of a CQC match
 +- Speculative fix for some data points not being active at the right time
 +- Make sure that surface installation damage is fully network replicated
 +- Fix for only some data points actually giving a reward for completion
 +- Make some points of interest illegal, allowing you to attack and trespass for no permanent penalty
 +- Fix for some Commanders not being able to die or clear their save
 +- Enable a free ship option on SRV death; generalise resurrection options some more in preparation for respawning to orbit
 +- Fix rescuing Commanders stuck on planets without access to Horizons
 +- The "​rejoin ship" option on the insurance screen now only returns to your last port if you deployed the SRV from a settlement; if you deployed straight from a landed ship, your ship respawns in orbit around the planet you were on
 +- Send through the market id of settlements so galaxy map can show them
 +- Close the cargo transfer panel when you can no longer switch back to the ship
 +- Allow more texture streaming memory
 +- Make sure time (and legal status) properties are replicated across the network
 +- Don't fix ship when dismissed and recalled
 +- Logging out while landed or hovering near a settlement or port should not longer potentially respawn you under the floor
 +- Making sure the SRV specific "​surface map" button doesn'​t appear in the ship cockpit when going back to the ship
 +- Adding localisation key for system map "​locale"​ panel ("​settlements"​ category becomes "​Ports"​ )
 +- Removing old icon system from system map station and surface settlements
 +- Stop all hostile ships in conflict zones targeting the player and friendly ships do not assist
 +- Trespass zones around settlements now fire a fine and then a bounty
 +- DataPoint rewards now select their payee from star polity. Federation, Alliance or Empire are acceptable factions
 +- Fix potential bad transform for far dust effects
 +- Added 50% more fuel for the SRV
 +- Fix for hologram advert activities blocking objects from activating (e.g. some port segments in a loading screen)
 +- When docked or landed altitude should now read 0
 +- Altitude in SRV should now read 0 when SRV is on the floor
 +- Altitude fixed for ships, incorrect parameter was being used for offsetting landing gear against ship location
 +- Fix remote client buggies spawning in the wrong place and doing a weird flip under their parent ship
 +- Fix FOR (Frame of Reference) error causing ships spawning in the right place and then flying to weird locations during ship recall
 +- Added disabled "Ship Departing"​ button to the role panel when the ship is departing
 +- UI support for updating the '​SC'​ panel to show distance and speed to orbital cruise
 +- Make sure we cant fire the turret if we are in any other state but active
 +- The canopy no longer repairs its self when leaving and re-entering the ship
 +- Split out the SRV roll into a new binding, this new binding can be bound to the same as the steering axis to get the same functionality as we have now
 +- Pushed Python drive hit spheres back so it can intersect with the hitcheck - so drives are not invulnerable
 +- Turrets remain in contacts at 1% health after they die fixed
 +- When applying a module perk, check that the new perk can be applied before deactivating the current one
 +- Restock panel no longer allow you to confirm a transaction with zero things selected
 +- Improved feedback when attempting to confirm a transaction you cannot afford (flashy red cost) on restock panel
 +- You should not be able to target modules on an SRV
 +- Orbital HUD now stops rendering when canopy is breached
 +- Enable the collision callback whether we are the authority or not, so collisions on the capsule of the SRV are registered (fixes some issues with SRV not taking damage)
 +- Goliath Skimmer vehicle missiles aren't affected by the weapons range value fixed
 +- Make skimmers a bit more mobile with shooting and moving
 +- Missile skimmers don't respond quick enough to players driving at them
 +- Setting skimmer missiles to have a range of up to 800m, instead of a couple of kilometers
 +- Adjusted the basic skimmer weapon attack and down time
 +- Skimmers do not have an image on the contact panel fixed
 +- Ramming into skimmers with your ship doesn'​t give the player a penalty fixed
 +- Able to partly hide behind settlement structures enough to obscure skimmer LoS making it super easy to kill them fixed
 +- You shouldn'​t be able to friend yourself while in the SRV
 +- Fix bug in vehicle where its trying to find some valid geometry below the SRV to ensure we'll spawn above the floor
 +- Fix for turrets/​skimmers becoming hostile to the player without the player being hostile in return
 +- AI NPCs having issues docking at a station and a planetary port fixed
 +- Settlement/​Planetary ports locations in the navigation panel are shuffling constantly fixed
 +- The choose module popup now continuously updates
 +- Look up the player'​s ship if they are in a buggy and we want to know if they can dock at an outpost
 +- LOD fixes for some buildings
 +- Collision mesh fixes for various buildings
 +- Fixed LODs for the hardpoint bunkers used for Outpost Planet Ports
 +- Fixed a number of UV and LOD issues on port road sections
 +- Fixed some floating POIs
 +- Improved VR camera positions in SRV
 +- Fix bullets not reliably appearing for their first frame. Looks significantly better in the SRV, especially at low framerates. will also improve feel of other projectile weapons (CQC cannons a notable case)
 +- Fixed the Keelback'​s name in local traffic reports
 +- Bobblehead GUI image disappears fixed
 +- Bobblehead slots 8 and 9 are not automatically re-selected after you place a bobblehead in it fixed
 +- Added new signal source for mining extractors
 +- Unbound system and galaxy map bindings from classic context scheme and resolved some other weird issues present in the file too
 +- Updated terrain GPU work option description to make it clearer what this option does
 +- Fix for star trails flickering off every time an envmap capture is taken
 +- Subtle tinting for surface materials that were coming through too flat / neutral grey
 +- Upgraded detail rocks AO and improved the textures on the metal rocks
 +- Adjust surface material blending values
 +- Fix Io type worlds not reporting their atmospheres
 +- Postpone planet rendering while in loading screens
 +- Display modules in the choose module popup as disabled if we can't apply a perk to them
 +- Fixed error that was preventing Ship Graveyard from spawning
 +- Fixed laser gate visibility issue (it wasn't turning off)
 +- Remove an extra copy of the firegroup in the data link scanners module data in the SRV starter loadout
 +- Tweak to the SRV muzzle flash to make it more visible when shooting close range
 +- Fix logic components and inactive turrets in one of the military settlements
 +- Player debris should now fall under gravity when the payer dies on a planet
 +- Don't kick out dust when ship is docked
 +- Initialise openvr tracking space to seated - will prevent compositor bounds being permanently shown
 +- Compute shader performance tweak
 +- Prevent targeting SRV with ship
 +- Buying or swapping a ship in the ship yard causes the camera to float around the station
 +- Fix for the radar occasionally displaying in the wrong location above the player after the buggy redocks with the ship
 +- Removed decals to stop them floating on destroyed geometry
 +- Cockpit no longer marked as "​inactive"​ once repaired
 +- Art pass on deco files for the Radial ports
 +- Various minor text fixes
 +- Xbox One: Fix an error seen when temporarily breaking the network connection during CQC matchmaking
 +- Xbox One: Wing members are not informed that another wing member is no longer part of the chat when they'​ve accepted a new voice comms request
 +- Xbox One: If the UI is waiting for us to update our friends list but we're not updating (have done so too recently) then re-push the current friends list to the UI to remove the "​Server Response"​ loading screen
 +New 2.0 mission changes
 +- General Text fixes
 +- Remove cargo requirement for off-Base 6/8/9
 +- Stop pirate ships respawning if killed in bespoke 4/5
 +- Show distance for all delivery missions
 +- Rep/​inf/​state/​reward balancing first pass
 +- Crash fixes
 +- Prevent players being unable to take off-base missions because they are in the buggy
 +- Make more off-base missions trigger
 +Hilo original: https://​forums.frontier.co.uk/​showthread.php?​t=206477
 +Beta 4 for Horizons is incoming at 4pm GMT. Here is the change log for this build:
 +- Crash fix for rare case when checking data point rewards
 +- Fix crash on remote clients when spawning a skimmer from a level skimmer spawner
 +- In the rare case we don't have an authority machine, avoid the crash caused when checking whether to wait for an object
 +- Prevent potential crash when quitting the game on the same frame as a recalled ship appears
 +- Fix softlock when entering the CQC menu
 +- Ensure that NPC pilots are created correctly and don't block loading
 +- If the user overwrites GraphicsConfiguration.xml with a copy from an older version of the game, provide default quality settings for planet surface materials instead of crashing
 +- Fix crash in cockpit UI if disconnected from server
 +- Fix crash in bobblehead component when exiting orbital cruise
 +- Don't crash if a POI cannot be placed on a suitable body
 +- Fix a crash when targeting a wake (or otherwise managing to have an approach type without valid target destination)
 +- Fix crash when scooping mining and material fragments
 +- Landfall planets will be displayed in "​locale"​ panel only if they'​ve been discovered
 +- Planet surface map displays starting system map when selected fixed
 +- Fix for the Wing UI saying "​destroyed"​ when the wing member deploys their SRV
 +- Escape pod does not show up in schematic view when targeted
 +- Navigation panel filter resets after action, such as leaving a station fixed
 +- Too close dropping out box stuck over the top of HUD fixed
 +- Planetary map displays player position even with an altitude = 0.f meters (SRV / docked or landed ship)
 +- Skimmers do not have an image on the contact panel fixed
 +- Added a list of stored ships for stations and surface settlements (displayed in the left hand panel, below faction info)
 +- Prevent materials and synthesis tabs overlapping
 +- Active Cargo Filters now all fit on screen
 +- Modules are showing bonuses incorrectly when synthesizing fixed
 +- Synthesis - Back button loses synthesis focus fixed
 +- Cargo Filters - Back button doesn'​t set the filter button active fixed
 +- Adjusted the alpha of the background panels while pop-ups are different sizes to make it more readable
 +- Added disabled or inapplicable state to the module select buttons
 +- Heading indicator now use the planet up rather than world space up for its 0 degree direction
 +- Made the Occupied Escape Pod refer to the correct schematic and resized the schematic to be about the same size as a cargo canister
 +- Reset focus in external panel when hiding surface map button
 +- Fix for the cruise drop-out UI being confused if targeting a landable planet and a low wake at the same time
 +- Bobblehead slots 8 and 9 are not automatically re-selected after you place a bobblehead in it fixed
 +- Fixed back button in surface map. Also small cosmetic change to system map camera : no more lerping when accessing the surface map of a planet from the cockpit
 +- Resized Type 9 and Sidewinder target schematics a bit
 +- Hide role panel UI from season 1 players
 +- Fixed focus issue when displaying an inbox message and switching to another panel
 +- system map : changed "​ships"​ to "​stored ships" in middle panel
 +- SRV Scarab sub module lost when moving Planetary vehicle hanger to different internal slot fixed
 +- Keep the camera in the cockpit position for interior Outfitting view in VR
 +- Fix label flickering in Galaxy Map
 +- Nav marker disappears when targeting away from it fixed
 +- Move CQC stats lower in the Commander Stats page
 +- Fix for mining objects not replicating their dead state
 +- Skimmer lasers now only have a 50m (visual) range. This will hopefully make it less likely that their scanning lasers will poke through geometry and in to hangars
 +- Network the hostile override list, meaning that skimmers and turrets in a settlement will shoot you even if you're not the authority of the settlement
 +- Cargo Canisters no longer spawn half stuck in geometry in dump POIs
 +- Turrets now become invisible to sensors when you destroy them. They will also return to the sensor contacts when they are healed
 +- Reduced the amount of force applied to debris when it's shot
 +- Increased the probability of lawless POIs spawning
 +- Increased rewards from cargo canisters at wrecks
 +- Fix for skimmers not providing bounty vouchers when killed
 +- Make sure hostility lists are transferred when switching from SRV to ship
 +- Changing the shipwrecks to have more cargo/​rewards and skimmers to fight
 +- Reward pass for '​hard'​ unflattened shipwrecks
 +- Fix for not triggering the "​blocking landing pad" crime
 +- Speculative fix for some missiles failing to die at the end of their life
 +- Make fuel materials a bit more common
 +- When setting off a trespass bounty, Sentry skimmers didn't respond fixed
 +- Make ship detectable POIs visible from the ship if the ship is near enough
 +- Added fuel efficiency benefit to synthesis
 +- Fixed landing gear getting stuck after deploying a SRV while docked
 +- Added exploration progression for discovering and collecting materials
 +- Added consequences for the minor faction that controls the market where settlement vouchers are redeemed
 +- When setting off a trespass bounty, Sentry skimmers didn't respond fixed
 +- Hostile skimmers at POIs don't aggro unless shot fixed
 +- Fixed completion components for large settlements
 +- Remove erroneous missions from bulletin board
 +- Fixes for missing mission text
 +- Fix for some missions ending early
 +- Add influence to some missions
 +- Make some interface targets more obvious
 +- Remove erroneous time left contract elements
 +- Fix rescue missions
 +- Make planetary missions available in space
 +- Remove rank requirements from some missions
 +- Added mouse controls to the buggies steering, rolling and pitching. These are overridden by the turret mouse controls when in the turret
 +- Added an option for throttle increments when in drive assist, this will increase/​decrease the throttle by fixed amounts each time the accelerate/​decelerate buttons are pressed
 +- If a toggle button(like headlook) is using the default bindings, then disable the toggle mode button as it is always the same as the default binding. If it is then bound to something else and not the default any long, then toggle mode button will become available again
 +- The data link scanner on the SRV now defaults to fire group 2
 +- Ship states 1 SRV available when it has been destroyed on role panel fixed
 +- Fixed SRV panel not showing quantity
 +- Correct the info displayerd about Planetary Vehicle Hangars in outfitting. It should not show Health or Integrity, but it should show power draw and it's number of available vehicle slots
 +- Solved missing header for role panel when in the ship and looking at the SRV loadout
 +- Ensure correct SRV info string is being used
 +- Fixed problem of '​Selecting to "​Reload All" from starport services does not re-buy a broken SRV back but still takes credits
 +- Added text warnings for low SRV fuel and health
 +- Deploy the turret in code only when we have driven away from the ship, stow it when we get near the ship
 +- Change damage calculations for the wheel so that it uses the speed of the first wheel that we find that has impacted but the up of the SRV instead of the speed of the SRV and the up of the car
 +- Help text for '​Steering left button'​ and '​Steering right button'​ both read '​Button for steering left in SRV'
 +- Stop SRV debris falling through ground
 +- Fixed disappearing speed gauge on SRV
 +- Fixed mismatched weapon status for turret gun
 +- Added new feedback messages when one tries to thrust, use the turret or change to turret mode when the turret is stowed
 +- SRV handbrake indicator doesn'​t refresh in turret mode fixed
 +- SRV turret power distribution '​pips'​ aren't synced with the SRV in cockpit view
 +- Health bar appears under planet target schematic after using turret mode fixed
 +- Fixed GUI constantly alternating between Activate Turret and Leave settlement when driving the SRV
 +- Improve accuracy with SRV turret
 +- Open galaxy map button and system map in SRV does not work fixed
 +- Added facility to load cargo onto ship without docking
 +- Added exploration progression for SRV driving (scaled by distance from SOL)
 +- Increased default oxygen remaining for new vehicles to 4 minutes
 +- In VR remove inertial camera simulation entirely
 +- Present an option in AppConfig to disable rendering to the monitor window in Steam VR
 +- Added LODs for the Planetary Bases road sections
 +- Draw call optimisations for road sections on planetary bases
 +- Further LOD optimisations for buildings
 +- Removed debug settlements from 49 Arietis
 +- Texture optimisations to aid streaming
 +- Capped the undersides of the buttresses on the edges of the radial ports
 +- Fixed floating structures at Bryant Prospect
 +- Fixed floating structures in large extraction settlements
 +- Fixed collision mesh issue with the energy gates
 +- Add another LOD level to the planetary port
 +- Updated textures for buildings
 +- Enable icy planet sub surface scatter
 +- Fixes for incorrect particle shadows/​lighting and potentially other numerous subtle render bugs
 +- Fix for immediate compute d3d hazard warnings (one cause for broken terrain with some AMD cards)
 +- Changes to surface rock slope placement to reduce likelihood of floating rocks
 +- Overhaul of surface materials to add more detail and improved colours
 +- Prevent tiny planets from having a combination of basins, large scale deformation,​ europa linae, rifts and craters which add up to a depth greater than the radius of the planet itself
 +- Changed the bindings of the X52 pro to deal with the issue of not being able to scan. Hard points now deploy by default when a trigger is used and other controls are put in line with the normal x52
 +- Ensure that a pilot is present in a ship and SRV in all instances
 +- Reduced the intensity of the texture and related lights of projectors in the Corvette cockpit to stop them interfering with the compass
 +- Raised the floor of the low poly Sidewinder cockpit in the external ship to avoid clipping with cargo bay/SUV hold. Blacked out section of diffuse under the chair to aid the change
 +- Corrected Diamondback landing gear volumes
 +- Added correct shadows for Federal Assault Ship and Federal Gunship
 +- Drive Spool up time starts at 1.0 in open play in a surface landed ship fixed
 +- Fixed collision on the Type 9 and adjusted landing height to make disembarking easier
 +- Tweaked external pilot chair positions in Clipper
 +- Added white chairs to low poly cockpit in Clipper
 +- Fixed hitcheck issue with Sidewinder convex hull being backwards
 +- Stop ship landing gear collision being in the wrong place for the first few frames
 +- Extra capping on landing pad bases
 +- Fixed offset one of the garages not allowing SRV access
 +- Increased detail of collision mesh around the approach aprons for the the large and medium landing pads, so if the player manages to drive the SRV up there it will react to the geometry better
 +- Adjusted landing volumes for Vulture
 +- Adjusted landing volumes for the Federal Gunship
 +- Updated the Imperial Fighter'​s default colour scheme
 +- Fixed broken UVs on Viper MkIV's utility hardpoints
 +- Changes to smooth out jerky camera motion from the inertial simulation during supercruise transitions - Primarily aimed at Orbital Cruise to Glide transition
 +- When dropping to Glide make sure the Normal-space Ship is told about its above-normal starting velocity to prevent glide being interpreted as a huge instantaneous acceleration
 +- Slight change to the speed curve in Orbital Cruise so that the players ship will naturally tend towards 2.5k/s a little more strongly in the last second, so we get a much smaller speed discontinuity
 +- The temporary placeholder ship used during the transition now inherits velocity correctly, removing speed/FOV discontinuity at both ends
 +- Changes to Cockpit Orbital Hud so that when players try to steer back towards the planet they understand what is going on:
 +- When below the drop out height but leaving the planet, mark the whole bottom half of the pitch gauge red
 +- Fix the altimeter so it displays usefully at these altitudes
 +- Improved loading to reduce stalls during ident movie
 +- Updated translations added
 +- Various text fixes
 +Audio Changes
 +New Audio - Shield break and reform sounds added to SRV
 +New Audio - Added unique sounds in outfitting bay, when purchasing scarab, Vehicle bay and planet approach suite
 +Audio Optimisation - Optimisations to planetary physics sounds
 +Audio Optimisation - Optimised launch land sounds
 +Audio Mix – Added small echo effect on distant FSD jumps and explosions when on planet surface
 +Audio Mix – Mix improvements to System map
 +Audio Mix – Set up dynamic mixing on Wavescanner and the way it interacts with planetary ambiences, music and SRVs
 +Audio Mix – Improvements to planet dust
 +Audio Mix – Boosted combat music slightly
 +Audio Mix – Many improvements to the way non-player SRVs sound
 +Audio Bug – Fixed crash on CQC chaff launcher variant
 +Audio Bug - Fix for abrupt stopping and starting of close dust sounds when under a ship
 +Audio Bug - Fixed broken dynamic ranges on explosions
 +Audio Bug - Reduced the sense of repetition on SRV boost sounds, when spamming it
 +Audio Bug - Fixed silent large landing areas
 +Audio Bug - Fixed orbital cruise sound getting stuck on if your SRV is destroyed and you respawn into an orbiting ship and then enter supercruise
 +Audio Bug - Fixed a bunch of GUI sounds being muted in the outfitting bay
 +Audio Bug - Set “orbital flight engaged” voice line to only occur when entering orbital cruise during approach to planet, not when leaving planet
 +Audio Bug - Fixed hard cut in ship stress noises when FSD starts counting down
 +Audio Bug - Fix for ship stress sounds being silent on keelback
 +Audio Bug - Fixes for various issues with the launch/land sounds
 +Change Log #5
 +Traducción gracias a Ishmat
 +Zac Antonaci
 +Defecto Horizons 2.0 beta registro de cambios # 5 entrante ...
 +Hola a todos, Gracias tanto por su pruebas continuaron y apoyar a través de la beta. Se ve muy bien y el equipo de desarrollo ha estado trabajando duro en otra actualización. Va en vivo a las 11 horas GMT y los servidores de los exámenes tienden a estar abajo por aproximadamente una hora y media. Por favor, subirse y dar sus comentarios antes del lanzamiento completo el martes de la próxima semana. Disfrute! Cambio de registro ...
 +Fijar un accidente causado por un activador PDI durante una transición
 +Accidente multi-threading fija en la física
 +Solucionado el fallo en el director de la misión
 +Solucionado el fallo en la generación de parches terreno
 +Arreglo para el faltante errores textura en esquemas
 +Fijar falta de error componente si un jugador se queda sin conexión
 +OSX solución desplome de la actividad incorrectamente intentar cargar recursos incorrectos
 +Arreglo para comenzar con el control de teclado y ratón preestablecer la causa de su acelerador controla ir raro
 +Evitar errores del servidor si el jugador intenta comprar algo que no pueden darse el lujo
 +Fijar una causa confirmada de jugadores que cargan en el juego hasta un kilómetro arriba o hacia abajo de donde se guardan
 +Arreglo para el torretas en PoIs ilegal no ser objetivos legales
 +Enciende los motores principales por defaultso que morir mientras aterrizó no que reaparecen con una nave discapacitados
 +En red la dirección de la torreta con errores
 +Añadir las armas contra el barco para que coincida con las armas contra Buggy en ciertas escenas de puntos de interés y zonas de traspaso adecuadas
 +Mejora de detalles de la superficie mediante la adición de más protuberancia de las normales de cerca y la reducción de suelo de baldosas a la distancia debido a la alfa que no se desvaneció a cabo al mismo tiempo que el normal de
 +POI espacio profundo fijos desove POIs incorrectas
 +Mejorar aplanamiento en algunos puntos de interés espacio profundo
 +Fijar desapareciendo círculo azul de puntos de interés
 +Skimmers fijos en POIs ilegal no tener recompensas
 +Atacar generadores de liquidación ahora cuenta como Asalto, y desencadena agro asentamiento
 +Escaneo de enlaces de datos privados ahora cuenta como Major Trespass (frente al menor, por lo que ahora una recompensa en lugar de un bien), y desencadena agro asentamiento
 +Actualizado POI adicional que sea visible desde la nave y ajustar su tamaño radio de radar
 +Hecho algunos de los puntos de interés más pequeños pueden ser vistos en el buggy
 +No hacer ninguna zona de mosca en el escáner si estás en el SRV
 +Al evaluar el terreno para planitud cuando POIs desove manejan el caso en que uno de los rayos yesos realiza un borde de un triángulo y pasa a través de la malla sin golpearlo
 +Ajustado el desplazamiento de manera que los puntos de interés círculo de radar son menos propensos a ser generado hacia el centro
 +Generosidades fijos afirmaron stat incrementar el doble de frecuencia como debe ser
 +Fijo redimir todos los comprobantes de una facción en lugar de bonos de combate sólo
 +Se han solucionado algunos nombres de los productos básicos en la tendencia del mercado artículos de noticias locales
 +Longitud fija y latitud usando un mal momento para establecer la ubicación
 +Reequilibrar prioridades corriente LOD para ayudar con algunos problemas de streaming
 +Añadir soporte para la muerte vacante barco, y para el estacionamiento de un buggy sin un barco base. Landed barco es ahora killable excepto durante el proceso de intercambio de vehículos, cuando puede estar dañado, pero no mató
 +POI Fundido del radar hacia abajo basa en la altitud para que estén a plena opacidad en la altitud 2,25 kilometros y transparente a 2,00 kilometros
 +Solucionado el problema con el audio lanzamiento
 +Reducir el tamaño de la escala para activar la ventana emergente cabina / vehículo Papel para reducir la frecuencia de forma no intencional de abrirlo
 +Panel Refinería fijo para mostrar secuencias correctas en el momento correcto
 +Actualizado carga SRV paneles divisores para ser más consistente
 +Solucionado el problema de enfoque cuando se va a panel externo / interno / papel mientras se abre un mensaje de la bandeja de entrada
 +Trajo la cruz para sacar con pala
 +Compruebe si se ha desconectado de edserver antes de comprobar para ver si tenemos permiso para estar cerca de un planeta
 +Material superficial solución para agregación
 +Prevenir planetas minúsculos de tener una combinación de las cuencas, la deformación a gran escala, linae europa, grietas y cráteres que se suman a una profundidad mayor que el radio del planeta mismo
 +Correcciones Edificio LOD
 +La construcción de soluciones de colisión
 +Mesa de charla asesino a sueldo fijo
 +Artículos de carga fija en el panel de combinación de carga no utilizar cadenas loc
 +Correcciones de texto Misión
 +Actualizado nombres vídeo tutoriales y descripciones
 +Evitar que el intento de análisis de $; en enlaces de datos al información digitalizada es cadena vacía.
 +(Traducción del navegador)
 +Change log #6
 +IMPORTANT: Mission changes for this release will wipe existing missions
 +Importante: Los cambios en las misiones limpiaran las misiones existentes
 +- Fix for crash when reporting bindings
 +- Crash fix for when a cargo canister spawns with either an invalid item, or one set up incorrectly
 +- Speculative fix for world transform crash
 +- Fix streaming error in the faction manager
 +- Fix UI crash in options screen
 +- More aggressive guards to prevent corruption of the physics proxy pair manager
 +- Fix crash with terrain evaluation for landing
 +- Added new graphics option for bottom end video cards to better handle the requirements for Horizons
 +- Fix VR rendering of surface schematic
 +- Optimnisations for environment map capture
 +- Load shaders earlier again on AMD to reduce stalls on loading sequence
 +- Swap order of long/lat on the orbital HUD: the order is now; latitude, longitude, gravity
 +- Altered the null chance for POIs such that there is a nice fall off between civilised and unexplored space
 +- Fix POI's that were visible form ship in the form of a disk but were not spawning when in the ship
 +- Reduced damage boots from synthesis
 +- Fixed multi-cannon basic synthesis so that it only gives 50% ammo refill
 +- Planet ports only care about crimes committed within 4km
 +- Moved targeting bones to make them more centred in the rock so the turret wont miss
 +- Fix for wing beacons making player ships spawn colliding with existing ships
 +- Disable targeting of sub-targets for planetary turrets
 +- Fix for the assert/​silly transforms that happen when you try to Glide down to a planet that's stuck through a ring
 +- Optimisations for Skimmers
 +- Adjusted fade off for POI blue circle so that it starts fading out at 2km and fades out by 1km
 +- Modified timings for Data points on easy settlements based on feed back all should be at least 120 many medium to large should be 180 seconds
 +- Increased the texture resolution of the cargo bay
 +- Disabled steering controls when in headlook mode when using a mouse for both
 +- Fix some network issues with turrets
 +- Requires missions wipe. Add settlement market id to interface and disable targets missions
 +- Don't show Horizons missions on platforms that don't support them
 +- Split available planetary missions into a separate section on the bulletin board
 +- Remove timeleft contract element from reward collection phases of planetary missions
 +- Added text for surface mission buckets
 +- Don't show space missions in the bulletin board
 +- Allow Commanders to resurrect at other space stations if they last docked at a planet port and their current session does not have access to Horizons
 +- Fix a cargo bay transaction server error
 +- Remove the "​Warning,​ thingy has changed jurisdiction"​ message, it's misbehvaing around POIs and causing more confusion that it's helping
 +- Ensure that the correct mountain material are being used on high metal worlds where the geology is borderline for metal content
 +- Fix for mismatch in ice fog density between interior and exterior volume
 +- Ensure correct splash screen is shown for the relevant platform
 +- Planet port material optimisations
 +- SChematic material optimisations
 +- Memory optimisations by changing material texture data format
 +- Optimised resource loading
 +- Female pilot texture optimisations
 +- Audio: Slightly changed the way how dust grit works. Also setting initial values for them, so it won't pop in without causeIMPORTANT:​ Mission changes for this release will wipe existing missions ​
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